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We make all our fresh breads, cakes, cookies and pastas, as well as processing the raw ingredients for our commercial range of chutneys, condiments and butters, which you can purchase in our shop. Our kitchen workshop is open to the public for all to see. Please stop by and watch as our team prepare the day’s fresh breads, pastas and other produce for our menu.

The Farm-to-Fork experience

We take food seriously at Café Campestre and grow our own organic produce and most of our own salads, vegetables, fruits, meats, herbs and spices at Finca Campestre making us a true ‘farm to table’ restaurant.

The Pit Stop

Our baristas create wonderful coffees using our Nuova Simonelli espresso machine and Ceado speciality grinder, ensuring smoothness and consistency in our extensive menu of espresso-based drinks.
We feature specially roasted coffees from different regions of Nicaragua so that you can explore different varieties from one of the world’s best quality coffee producing countries.

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